We finally have a “normal” baby. When Sophie was little, we (like most parents) scoured the parenting books for clues about her development. At 6 months, she should be sleeping through the night, putting things in her mouth, and be attracted to bright objects. For Sophie, the answer was No, No, No. She had no interest in “age appropriate” toys, and got bored with whatever was in front of her. She kept most things out of her mouth (which was good, since we didn’t want to go and buy the Costco bottle of Purell), and had this need to see new things all the time. When you’re (more or less) housebound during the winter, there’s only so many new things you can show a child.

Don’t ask me why, but with Maggs we got a “normal” one. She (usually) sleeps better than Sophie did, she’s easily amused by bright and shiny objects (like her dad), and we know that we when put her somewhere we can usually get 10 minutes of quiet time.

Of course, that is all coming to an end.

Maggie has begun the first steps in rocking our world, crawling. Now it’s just a backwards scoot, but we can no longer leave her alone on the floor, confident that she’ll be in the same place when we return. So, we’ve had to go and get “Studio 54” set up (the corral which we used for Sophie), and get Maggie some space in the playroom. Of course, now that Studio 54 is back, Sophie has commandeered it, calling it “My House”. Sorry Maggie, that’s what happens when you’re #2. Maybe we can find a cardboard box for you.

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