Kristen over at Motherhood Uncensored was nice enough to rent some space out this past week, and she also promoted my blog, and sent some people over to this little corner. She also added the proviso that I complete some 80’s meme. I’m not even sure was meme is, but it has “me” in it twice, so it must be important.

From what I could determine, you were supposed to determine your 80’s likeness. I don’t know if that really exists for me, since my 80’s attire alternated between skinny ties, Hawaiian shirts, and sweatpants (that would be the college years).

Instead, I figured I would just grab an 80’s alter-ego, or at least an aspirational alter-ego.

Here’s the 80’s character I wish I was:

That’s right – Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller. The only guy I know who could get away with wearing a t-shirt and a vest…on his day off from school. Also note those socks, I believe they’re argyle. I didn’t pick Ferris for his fashion choices, but for his mad skillz (as the kids say today). After all, who else can call in sick, get a whole town to rally around him (don’t forget the “Save Ferris” graffiti on the water tower), and still have time to take in a Cubs game.

Of course, in reality, I was more like another John Hughes character:

No, not Kelly LeBrock, Anthony Michael Hall. Unfortunately, not the Dead Zone “I have powers beyond your wildest dreams” AMH, but the geeky, Blues Fakin’, Weird Science makin’ AMH. Why AMH? He always seemed to think he was way cooler than we was, and there was little redemption for him throughout the whole movie (except, of course, towards the end).

There you go, Kristen. All in the name of finding my inner 80’s.

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  1. Niccceee… and thanks for playing along. I thought the blogosphere had sucked you away for awhile – but actually it’s usually the real world that does that!

    You should visit the other ones. They are pretty damn funny.

  2. Where did you pick up the Ferris poster picture? I saw the first showing of Ferris Beuller in my home town when I was a kid. They gave out that poster to the people who saw that showing. I had that on my wall for years. When I finally got rid of it I always planned to find it again and put it in a proper frame. Let me know

  3. Sorry SBS, I just got the image off a Ferris Bueller fan site (yes, those exist). I’m sure there are sites out there that have old posters like that in stock (I had an old Wargames poster for a long time).

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