Welcome to Pewari’s Prattle!

I have another renter for my blog, and this week it’s none other than Pewari Naan of Pewari’s Prattle! That’s right, yet another UK blogger – perhaps it’s the connection with Bonjela.

I know I turn over my tenants rather quickly, so hurry and check out her blog! She’s the at-home mother of two adorable children, Akra Jr and Li’l Bahji. They’re all pseudonyms, but I’m not sure how close Pewari is to her real name (I think my pseudonym would be my real name backwards or something un-creative like that).

Check her blog out, she’s been blogging since before her younger one was conceived (although I haven’t seen that entry)!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

    You know, I’m really liking this rent a blog scheme – I think it’s a much better way of getting to know other people’s blogs than the normal 30 second thing…

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