Steal the Best, Forget the Rest

I got this from Betsy’s cousin (thanks Lisa!) – it’s an email sent to her from her husband about their daughter one morning – she (Heather) was four at the time:

From: xxxxxxxxx, Randy
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 12:29 PM
To: xxxxxxxxx, Lisa
Subject: Heather’s am performance

FYI…story time for tonight has been revoked as a result of her “unsportsmanslike conduct” after mommy left this morning.

Attached is top 10 list reasons for losing story time this morning…
10. Excessive requests for saying goodbye to mommy.
9. Refusal to calm down in lieu of not getting to say good bye to mommy for the fifth or sixth time.
8. Pulling off the “Pony Tail” and demanding that mommy put it in again.
7. Refusal to put on coat in lieu of not getting new pony tail.
6. Excessive screaming in frustration of not getting one’s way.
5. Telling Dad “no”.
4. Removing safety harness straps from shoulders enroute.
3. Causing dad to “pull over” enroute.
2. Screaming “I forgot to bring the bunny” in lieu of reasons 5-10.
and the number one reason….
1. “Pissing Dad Off”

Following the cooling off period, she was asked if she understood why story time was revoked to which she responded……. “yes…because I was crying”.

I did fix a few spelling mistakes, which I suspect were caused by Randy’s state of mind at the time.

Note to self: Keep Sophie’s & Maggie’s hair short. At the rate that it currently grows, this should not be a problem.

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