It’s the Music, Man

Sophie has reached that key milestone…she is now capable of keeping up with her dad in one respect – singing off key. It’s something that I’ve been really working on, and we’re finally getting results.

It started with “Bite-A, Bite-A, Bite-A”, which was a song that Sophie started singing over and over (and over) again. It took me a while to find out what it was…a Spanish song that the kids learned in music class, which goes something like “Donna Freda baile, baile baile baile”…which translates into Mrs Freda dances, dances dances dances. Of course, I am no help at teaching the song, or helping her to sing it. Instead, I have to depend on the Music Man to handle that for me.

About the Music Man
Sophie used to be in some hippy music class called Music for Aardvarks run over at the Charlestown Working Theater. They sang songs about how great it is to live in New York, and saying hello to kids named Blanche. These classes ran about $30 per session for a ten week class. We loved our Sunshine, and wanted to make sure she didn’t miss out on music.

Along came the Music Man. He was willing to play music in someone’s house for $15/kid for each session, and you could show up (or not) and it was no big deal. Yes, you guessed it – Sophie became a “Music for Aardvarks” dropout. She now learns songs from the Music Man.

I have to admit, though, it seems like a good gig. He shows up for an hour, collecting $15/head under the table, and just plays the guitar. He claims to have a girlfriend, but he enjoys singing falsetto a little too much, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Of course, he seems to be working it a little too. One week when I was home I attended the class held in our house (it rotates each week). At the end, everyone was pulling out tens and fives to give to him. Right at the end a nanny came up to him and said, “Sorry, I don’t have any change, do you have change for a twenty?” His response: “No, not here, but I have money in my car. Why don’t you come out there and I’ll get it for you.”

OK, what’s wrong here?

Anyone that lives, works, or even just parks in Charlestown knows rule #1: Never leave any money in your car. Rule #2 is if you violate Rule #1, make sure that you leave nothing more than change and old NH toll tokens. Music Man violated both rules….or so he said. I suspect it was a slick ploy to get a little one-on-one time with the nanny. Pretty smooth.

So now Sophie’s expanded her musical repitoire, and now includes such classics as:
“A B C D H J L P S T”
“Fi Fo Kitchen Dinah”
“Wheel on the bus go ound and ound”
“Right foot In, Turn about”
“I Love You, Ella Ella Moss” – Barney didn’t know he was teaching young girls to show such affection to each other

Of course, she has also learned more “popular” music:
“Round and Round” – Yes, that classic song by Ratt, which I think I taught her
“I’ll Tumble For You” – Another one that I taught her on the way to Gymnastics
“Get Down Tonight” – OK, I had the 80’s CD in the car, sue me.
“I Know What Boys Like” – Well, at least it’s something she’ll put to good use

I have seen postings from other Dad Bloggers talking about how they teach music to their kids – usually it’s modern classics like Sgt Peppers or Mozart or even Free To Be, You and Me (I still think fondly of those Garanimal days). When Sophie was in utero, we played Baby Mozart and Miles Davis. I don’t know how much it really helped, because she still prefers New Wave. Oh well, there’s always #2.

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