Keeping up made easy

Do you like to read about what’s going on here? Do you get annoyed that you have to visit the website every time to see if I’ve posted anything new? Fret not, dear reader (all ten of you)!

There two easy ways to keep abreast (no feeding pun intended) with what’s going on over here!

1) Sign up for email updates:

This is through FeedBlitz, and is a spam-free way to keep up just by checking your email!

2) Use an RSS reader:
This is a little more involved, and you should use this if you’re keeping up with more than a handful of blogs. I use a site called BlogLines, which allows you to combine all your blogs into one place, and will alert you when a blog has a new entry! Once you have an RSS reader set up, just click here to add The Sweet Stuff!

For more info on RSS readers, check out this article.

If this makes no sense, tell me…it was written on three hours of sleep.

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