Sophie, your father is an evil man

Isn’t this photo so cute? It shows a happy Sophie Sunshine, proud to be posing for the camera. I want to save this beautiful picture forever…but not for the reasons you think.

This is a photo to save for the “My parents are dorks” time. The time when she brings a boy over, and we need to embarass her. Why? How could this photo be embarassing at all?

Look at her socks. She chose them. That’s right, the bright orange jack-o-lantern socks that go so nicely with the rest of her outfit. But, that wasn’t enough. She couldn’t just wear the bright orange jack-o-lantern socks. She had to make sure she wore them with sandals, so no one could possibly miss them! Or, perhaps, so that she could just look down and see the toothy grin smiling back up at her.

Don’t think we didn’t try to discourage her from this selection. Betsy (the crown princess of matchy-matchy) was horrified (I exaggerate, but not by much) by the idea on the orange socks. But rule #1 of a two year old is “pick your battles”. Orange socks are not physically dangerous, so we had to let it go. My assistance was in choosing the footwear. Having insight into the mind of a two-year old, when the battle over what shoes to wear began (“No Merrells!”, “No Tennis Shoes!”), I knew the problem. She wanted to see her socks. So I suggested the sandals, which earned me the bi-polar reaction: Joy from Sophie, shock from Mom.

You see who won.

And while my mind is addled, I will not forget this photo. To this day, I still bring up a grade-school shot of my younger sister – the day after she decided to cut her own hair. She ended up with bangs across the front going at a 30 degree angle…which looks OK if you tilt your head, but not so good otherwise.

Don’t worry Maggie, your day will come soon too. Posted by Picasa

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