Status! (Or the cover sheet to my TPS report)

One of my old bosses used to have me write a “status report” every Friday, which presumably told him what I had been doing for the past week besides playing solitare (this was before the web was available at work). The only good thing about it was that it forced me to think about my day-to-day activities on an organized basis.

Since this blog is now my master (or mistress?), maybe it makes sense to draw a line and put down where the family is at this week:

Maggie (#2) – Still doesn’t sleep at night. However, she seems to have mastered the ability to concentrate her waking hours to my “shift” (which lasts from 9pm to 1am). Once Betsy is on, she falls asleep right away. I laugh when people say, “She wanted to spend time with you.” Trust me, I am not that much fun when I am exhausted and unhappy walking around, acting as the human baby swing.

Sophie (#1) – Starting to feel her oats. Yes, we heard about the terrible twos, but we thought it might be easy since she has been pretty happy most of the time. She gets her strong will from her mother. We’re screwed. Whoever said that a parent’s curse is to have children like themselves has caused me to want to go to sleep for the next 22 years, and get to know bail bondsmen and attorneys.

Betsy (Mommy) – OK, I started typing my perception of how she’s feeling, but I feel kind of awkward announcing my diagnosis of her status on this blog to my ten readers. I’ll simply say that we’re both much happier than we were two years ago at this time. Is it having the experience in being parents? Is it the night nurses? Maybe that we see that Maggie will eventually sleep (Sophie sure does)? Maybe that we know we’ll never have to go through this again? I don’t know, but the struggles we go through today (as much as I complain) are 1000X better than when it was us & Sophie.

Me (Daddy) – Need more time to play solitare.

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