Happy HNT!

Here’s my first shot at Half-Nekkid Thursday, an idea from Osbasso. The plan is to expose some body part to the world. If this were five years ago I suspect my photo would involve me in New Orleans, trying to get beads. Today, however, my photos are a little more…domestic. I figured this was an easy one – with Maggie Moonbeam in the picture, how bad could I look? Of course, about 30 seconds later she was screaming, but for those few moments all was right with the world.

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  1. i always get that fuzzy feeling inside me when i see pictures of a mom or dad and their child… yours just gave me goosebumps. wonderful thing.

    happy hnt.. welcome, welcome!

  2. Welcome to HNT! Baby/daddy shots are always good! Hope you keep things coming!

    I’ve got you listed on the Nekkid roll. Stop by and check out the rest of the half-nekkid people!

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