Happy Birthday Sophie!

Today was Sophie’s birthday, and as you can see, she looks pretty regal when she’s celebrating!

This is the first time that I’m writing a birthday piece, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to write. Then, while looking at other blogs, I found a great idea to steal….I mean to inspire me.

Danny over at Dad Gone Mad wrote a nice little piece (yes, the guy has a heart) about a walk with his son the other day. It got me to thinking – what are the things I’d like to remember about Sophie as she is today? It always seems like I’m in the day to day so much I don’t get a chance to keep track of who she was…..

The way she says, “Yesssss” when she really agrees with you – it’s like you just came up with a billiant idea that had never been thought before. “Would you like some Cheerios?” “Yessssss!” Sometimes at work I think I’d like to break out that “Yessssss!” when I hear a good idea – I don’t think it would have the same impact coming from me, though.

How excited she gets when she runs. Sophie doesn’t have much hair, so when she runs the wisps wave around in the breeze. The look on her face while she’s trotting along shows that great joy.

The way she says, “Good night Daddy” over and over again (starting at a whisper, and increasing the volume until she’s shouting it) after I put her to bed. She’ll also tell me she loves me by saying, “I do, Daddy!” (It works for everyone else she cares about too…”I do, Mommy”, “I do, Maggie”, etc)

“Hi Daddy!” – nothing like it. Whether I’m getting her up in the morning, or coming home from a trip, I get the greeting that shows she hasn’t forgotten me!

When she says Maggie, she lights up – “Maggie! Maggie! Maggie!” We’ll see if she’s still that happy with her younger sister a few years from now.

Our little journeys – usually they’re as simple as a walk around the block, but it’s time that we spend together, just the two of us. I’ll point out something interesting (maybe a rock, or branch, or piece of trash), and she’ll seem so fascinated by it.

Happy Birthday Sophie….I love you and look forward to many, many more birthdays together!

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  1. I write a letter to my son on his birthday every year. When he is all grown- up, I’m going to copy them all into a pretty book and give them to him as a present. That way he will be able to read back over each year of his life and see what accomplishments he achieved, what made me proud, and most importantly, how much he is loved!

    He’s only 20- months old now, but I’ve got big plans! =)

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