Funky Food

Before I was a parent I heard about toddler food habits. Kids eating only chicken fingers for weeks at a time. The Cheerios and air diet. Hanging on the boob until the age of 12 (OK, I made that one up).

I was still surprised by what Sophie eats.

Here’s the key essentials for a successful meal with Sophie:

Seaweed Salad – She got this from Betsy, who is even more of a sushi fan than I am. I think Seaweed Salad is one of the few foods that Sophie enuciates clearly (with a little bit of an Elmer Fudd twang).

Sushi – She doesn’t really eat sushi; we give her veggie rolls, and she eats the rice and seaweed wrap (see above).

Indian – Pronounced “Cuwwy”. We take her to the cheap Indian buffet in Cambridge, where she chows down Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tiki Masala. Plus the yummy rice pudding for dessert.

Rice – this may not be so strange, but it’s the only starch she’ll eat.

Pate – Yes, that’s right. She eats pate. That was not my idea. But at least it’s fish pate, and not something like duck. And it’s about as cheap as CheezWhiz, but so much more sophisticated.

Booty – Veggie Booty. This product has kale. I can’t even pick kale out of a lineup of vegatables, let alone know if it’s nutritious. I know one thing – it tastes pretty nasty, at least in booty form.

Yogurt – OK, maybe I’m stretching this one a little bit, since they even have a brand called “YoBaby” (I keep wanting to call it YoBabyYoBabyYoBabyYo), but Betsy can’t stand the stuff. She gags when it’s around…so I’m glad Sophie & I have our own little treat.

If I’d read this article ahead of time, we might have planned better. Sophie’s kinda screwed with her odd food tastes. She’ll have a tough time in the school cafeteria with things like mock chicken legs!

Of course as I’m writing this, up come a few articles – first a blog entry by DaddyTypes, who seems to be the most prolific blogger I’ve ever seen, and then an article about children’s food choices. Wow – we’re actually ahead of the curve on this trend.

So what weird and wooly things (besides floor food) does your little one eat?

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