Last week Sophie went on her first big adventure – she stayed at Mimi’s house by herself! It was our first try at letting her stay somewhere without us, and surprise, it worked!

While she was away (for all of four days), I was amazed how much easier it was with one child rather than two – we slept in a little later, I didn’t have to scramble trying to keep two kids entertained at the same time, and Betsy had a much easier job during the day (trying to coordinate two naps is tougher than any sales deal she’s ever done).

The other surprise was how she reacted when she came home – even though she was able to spend a lot of time with Mimi, she was soooo excited to see us when she got back from Ohio. I spent most of the weekend playing with her – she did not want to leave my side at all. The first thirty minutes after she got home was spent playing gymnastics (which is basically me flipping her over my shoulders onto the couch). She was so revved up all day she did not take a nap (ugh!), and was always looking to show me something new.

Wow…she likes us, she really likes us!

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