Coo Coo Ca Joo

Maggie’s finally starting to speak….well, I should say, she’s starting to coo. I don’t remember, but I think that it was a while longer before Sophie started. That means (I hope and fear) that Maggie may start really talking before Sophie . Then I guess it’s just a matter of time before the two Patrick sisters start arguing and fighting. Hmmm, perhaps I should look on the bright side – Maggie will be able to tell me what’s wrong rather than just crying (as she did several times last night, and most of yesterday).

Gymnastics is back! After a week off, the newest class at the gym is starting, which really means I get an excuse to head to the Muffin House for some yummy muffins. Maybe we’ll pick up some frosting for Sophie, since all she does is take a muffin, like the frosting off, and say, “More muffin!” I guess I’ll need to teach the words for, “Daddy, I need my sugar hit!”

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