Ding-Dong, the car is dead

We finally traded in Betsy’s car. She bought that car coming out of college, and in the 13 years she had it, she put maybe 75,000 miles on it. This car was held together with duct tape and fix-a-flat, and while that was good enough for me, we thought it might be a wee bit unsafe for the kids.

The picture doesn’t really do the car justice. There’s bird crap all over it, the kids in the eighborhood rip off the duct tape (which keeps the water from leaking through the sun roof) every few days, and there are random parts hanging off of it underneath. It’s one sweet ride. In addition, since there water has leaked in so many times, it smells like my basement back at college – except there isn’t the aftersmell of stale beer.

Even so, why get rid of it? It failed inspection, and the cost to get it to pass (not including the bribe to Sully) was $1000 or so. More than it was worth. So we donated it. I figured that was safer than selling it to some poor schmuck who thought that it was worth something because it had “only” 75K on it.

What did we get instead? Behold, the double-wide! I want to hire the guys from “Pimp My Ride” to see if they can put some flames on it or something.

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