Day 3

We’re on Day 3 of the No Bah-Bah Solution, and so far so good. We have adjusted – we still allow the Bah-Bah at naptime and bedtime. I wonder how easily she’ll give that up when the time comes. Of course, now she’s actually eating a lot of food (since she’s no longer drinking milk), so we’ve had to scramble a little bit. When we were eating breakfast I gave up my yogurt to her once she finished hers – it didn’t seem fair to make her play rock-paper-scissors for it.

One of the parenthood laws took hold, though – The Conservation of Children’s Problems Law. At no time will things run smoothly for both children. Now Maggie (#2), our sleeper, is showing us how much she loves us by staying up all hours. Now, I understand that is her right, but it’s not fair that she faked us out with the first week of her life.

I’ve taken to holding her on my chest, which grows boring and tiresome very quickly. The alternative (crying and screaming), is much worse. The only thing that keeps me level is that I know it will end. Soon. Please.

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