What’s to love about Charlestown?

Living in the city has its disadvantages…just look at my dinged/nicked/dented car, for example. (Of course, I only caused 75% of that damage myself with my bad parking jobs) And there are some problems between the various groups in the neighborhood.

But it’s weeks like this that make me glad to live here.

I say this after eating some baked ziti that one of our (meaning Betsy’s) neighborhood friends dropped off. Or maybe it was after the lasagna we had the other night from another neighborhood friend. Or perhaps after eating the koogle that we received from yet another friend. These were all delicious things from people who knew that we had just had a baby and another toddler at home. It was a way for people to simply help out when there was a need.

Of course, what they didn’t know (perhaps) was that Betsy is no Julia Child in the kitchen. Which makes the gifts even more appreciated by me.

Thank you!

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