Battle of the Wills!

That’s right, it’s time for your favorite game show…Battle of the Wills!

The game show where we take a two year old and a parent, ask them to complete a task, and see who imposes their will!

Let’s hear about today’s contestants –
Betsy is a Stay at Home Mom with years of experience in the challenging field of direct marketing technology and sales. She’s traveled enough to have hundreds of thousands of frequent flier miles, and knows what it takes to close the deal.

Sophie is a two year old.

It seems like mom has the advantage, with her years of experience and knowledge of human psychology. But, we’ll see.

Round 1 – Getting Dressed
Mom has picked out a fabulous outfit, with a matching top and bottom…And Sophie fights back!
“Nooo, not this one!” “No Shirt!” “No Pants!”
Mom has the pants on, and she’s working the shirt…But Sophie pulled her patented move: the Arch! That makes it impossible to get the shirt on! With the Arch in place, mom cannot get anywhere!
“Noo!” “Nooo Shirt!” “Nooo Mommy!”
Mom is fading….She’s tagging out! She’s tagged Dad to back her up and close the deal!
“Sophie, would you like this one?”
“Yes, this one! Fleece! That one!”
Oh no, dad buckled. He let Sophie choose the purple pant/green & yellow fleece combo. Sophie really rubbed it in with that outfit selection.

Sophie 1, Mom 0

Round 2 – Lunch
Well, Round 1 went to Sophie pretty easily, but Mom is hoping that she has the right moves to win the second round.

“Sophie, would you like pancakes for breakfast?”
“No, mommy – no pancakes!”
Ouch, pancakes are a usual favorite for Sophie, Mom is really stuck now!
“Sophie, how about broccoli?”
Wow! What a surprise! Out of left field – she went with the dinner choice for breakfast! That just caught totally by surprise, she had no choice but to say yes!

Sophie 1, Mom 1

Round 3 – A walk to the park

This is the final round – all the chips are on the table. Will Sophie get her way, or will Mom be able to control the two year old?

Sophie & Mom are going to the park today, but Mom wants Sophie to ride into he stroller. Things seem to start off smoothly – Sophie is in the stroller, and they get down the street.

“Mommy, walk!”
“No Sophie, you have to ride.”
“Mommy, no shoes!”
“No Sophie, you have to keep your shoes on.”
Oh oh, Sophie’s learned a new trick – she slips the shoes off herself!
“Sophie, just give me the shoes.”
“Mommy, no coat!”
“Sophie, it’s 40 degrees out – you need a coat.”
“No, mommy, walk!”
“No, Sophie – stop that!”
Sophie has pulled her other patented move – the harness twist! She twists herself right out of the stroller harness, and she’s free to escape the stroller!
“Sophie, stay in the stroller!”
“No, walk Mommy!”
It looks like Sophie might win this round – she’s climbing the back of the seat, forcing Mom to hold the back of the stroller up…..But Mom has one trick left in her bag – the football hold!

Mom grabs Sophie like a football, are moves down the street with the toddler tucked under her left arm. Looks like the Packers have a new halfback! Sophie has no choice but to submit to Mom’s will…..Looks like Mom is the winner this time!

Final Score:
Sophie 1, Mom 2

Next time, Dad takes Sophie to Gymnastics, and tries to keep her in the rotation!

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