My Ladies…

Here’s a picture with all three of my ladies…just hangin’ out, waitin’ for the bus to take ’em home. You can see Sophie, she’s rfeady to push the stroller all by herself. She’s had a lot of practice. Somehow all toddlers love to push doll strollers around. We have two, since we left one at the playground once. Some other toddler was running around with it I guess.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be a real color preference – a lot of the little boys are strutting around with pink doll strollers (not their stroller…heaven forbid!), and the girls with the oh so masuline baby blue strollers.

Meanwhile the dads are trying to coax the sons away from the strollers with a ball or bat or something more macho. Luckily I will never have that problem. I’ll be the one with the bat in a few years.

Yes, I look forward to being that father that all prospective dates fear. I’m already working on the gut, I just have to make sure I have a couple “wife-beater” t-shirts around when the occaison arises. My only problem is knowing what new scams those rotten boys come up with over the next 15 years or so.

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